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Every Business needs more customer and hence they need more leads. Most of the businesses advertise online, print, TV, web or radio which target masses, but your business meant for masses?
VPGS is most trusted target marketing company. We are a data-driven target marketing company. VPGS have own proprietary segmented database which is more than 110 Million. We have a large segmented NRI database, HNI database, Student Database, Car owners database, Working professional database, Online shoppers database, CXO’s database, Working professionals database, Doctors database, Salaried people database etc.

Our History
B2C Lead Generation V P Global Services

How does our B2C Lead Generation work?

We are specialised in target marketing. We offer multi-touch omni-channel target marketing:

  • Targeted Email Marketing: VPGS offer Email Marketing Solutions that follow Best Practices around the world to get you the best results out of it. We create and personalise email template. We make sure that have the best open and delivery rate. Simply you need to tell about your Product or Services and Target Market and we get the rest “Done for you”. We have quality and accurate email database to target your right audience with the right message at the right time.
  • Targeted SMS Marketing We have tried and tested recipe of SMS Marketing work and give better results out of it. We send SMS excluding DND numbers to your target prospect and nurture leads. We offer reliable and fast SMS Delivery.
  • Social Media Marketing We are a performance-driven social media marketing company. Campaigns are analysed, set up, deployed and monitored effectively across channels to identify prospective leads and extend your reach.

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